Reviews for ""I Want It!" Syndrome poster"

How very Honest and Clear.

It is very common in today's life that you will find people that don't want to miss out on ANYTHING. This of course turns into a kind of "must have" or "I want it" kind of disorder or "syndrome." People experience this mainly because they want to make their life meaningful and unique.

Nonetheless you did an excellent job on this piece. I love your choice of colours and proper size comparisons.

Nightwayfarer responds:

Thanks, you understood my title, not many did that, I was even thinking that it was a not so very good name to give. But you prooved that my last thought was wrong)
I will try to do my best in the future :D

great animation!!!

i wisj could animate and draw like you

Nightwayfarer responds:

practise, you! ))


thats a pretty good drawing! as for me..im lucky enough to be able to draw a stick figure >_>

This is nice.

Makes perfect since.

cool ^^

like the poster
and the episode
they r both awesome!!
keep up the good work ^^