Reviews for ""I Want It!" Syndrome poster"

Heh, retranslation

Is he trying to refrain from touching himself? :3


That's just .. wow!
Great movie and great artwork!

Super wow.

Even though it is for the flash movie, this definitely looks pro, man. Love your style!

Nightwayfarer responds:

Thanks mate :)

mooveez plox

i bet if u made a full length movie, hundreds of ppl would buy it on dvd

Nightwayfarer responds:

hundreds asked me to make a full lenght movie, but i'm not that crazy and skilled yet :3

you realy do have a shirt like this?

eob, ni kak ne mog ponyat' 4e za stil' , to4no L4D .. poxow.
klass.. skol'ko vremya risoval? "How much time did it take you to draw this?"

Nightwayfarer responds:

a couple of hours (3-4)