Reviews for "Sparx"

very well done!

most people with it only being the 2nd movie put out crap. This is was far beyond crap. If you put your imagination into this more and made a story and turned this guy into a series I would watch! GREAT MUSIC! I could have sworn I had heard it before but not sure from where.


Dude!! that movie rocked!! Is it really your second flash?! Because if it is, I'm certainly looking forward for your next work! Keep 'em coming!!


Coo Coo

Its was cool man very nice for a second flash
keep up the good work and ill be waiting for the
second one hehehe xD


Very very well done. And not short compared to a lot of films. Keep it up and make this into a full blown series. You won't be dissapointed on how much you can do with this style and and charachter,

Bravo man I give this a five.


not bad at all for a second flash, that was preatty cool, keep it up