Reviews for "One - A Short"

to true

your right we dont give enought focus on our men-at-arms. we brush off one death as nothing. do we forget that they were living breathing people once to. that they were the same as us and that they will never have the chance to experience the world or feel the sun. we should pay more respect and focus more on our troops that are fighting for a cause that they believe in.

This movie started off awesome, then it lost it,

it sort of got boring.

An important message.

I like your way of working with the backgrounds. You made them very realistic and they gave the movie an rare depth. And the message about the social numbness we have 'couse of all the wars. Man, this is clearly showing how we don't care if somone dies.
You deliver and I gladly recieve.

Nice unique style

I liked this short a lot, it looks very good, the person runs and acts like a person should, which looks hard to do. Good social message as well :D

Great unique style

Your style is awesome, i really hope to see more of your work. Also a great message at the end. Should've won 1st place in my opinion.