Reviews for "One - A Short"


this was pretty cool, the animation was nice and smooth and the sound quality was good too, i can see the artistic side of this short also and i liked how you captured the desperation in the soldiers, this is sweet.


everything was pretty pixellated/fuzzy but i know that wasn't your fault or anything...

i like how you created the soldiers.. making the only difference between them being the colour of their skin (no pun intended)

the animation was pretty good.. simple.. but nice and smooth.

and i think i got the message of this...i also liked how it was kinda subtle.. not too obvious.. so i thought, that in war.. even one death of a soldier is signifigant, yet some people don't seem to realize that. yes? well, that's what i thought.

Newgrounds is full of fucking idiots.

Oh wah he used a preloader with a decapitated dog, who the fuck cares? That's like saying the Mona Lisa sucks because the frame is chipped.

God, people on this site are fucking morons.
Enough said.
Great short with an interesting view of statistics and media.
I liked the style.

could have been a 10

would have given you a 10, but in all honesty, the preloader with the dog... yeah, that ruined it for me. excellent animation. blan story, but done very well


This animation was great on so many different levels. The actual piece itself had an animation style that is completely ground breaking to newgrounds. I don't know another artist who had this kind of style.

The message itself was impactful. It really hits home. It is sad that even though it's one life, we don't really seem to care. If only our hearts were more compassionate would we care for small casualties. This was really inspiring, and that's what art should be.