Reviews for "One - A Short"

World War II Feeling

It's alright. It has a World War II feeling in it. And in the end, a little humor.


Haunting in a good way. The one line of prose from this is simply stated as "One, thats not so bad." Thats a brilliant line thats influenced war like culture in society and I'mglad someone was able to capture that in a film like this. The simple but perfectly used hand drawn graphics leave the golden art work of other films for the message and I think thats what matters. Not that the graphics are by any means a distracting piece to the work, they are perfect for their use. This is an 8/10 and a piece that should be seen by sociology classes across the US.

very nice

uniquely animated
original and well developed art style
and a very very nice theme- well written

Good, gives faith for our country, etc

Well, I thought the content was pretty basic and simple, and got the point through. It was well 'written' and 'drawn out' short, so there is nothing wrong with that. But one thing that caught my eye, is that there was more than "One" Casualty. There was the one guy that got entirely encinerated towards the beginning of the short when the main soldier takes a breath behind a tree. I thought it was something to point out, maybe not.

Two thumbs up!

This flash has given me faith

After many hours of subjecting myself to the odious content that is the product of Newgrounds today, I came accross this flash and my eyes were opened. This flash sucked me in from the beginning with it's slick style and finished with what I can only describe as a truly brilliant and provocative ending. This is the true spirit of animation, and a labor of love. Take note all of you who think animating is just a cheap grab at a handful of fame.