Reviews for "One - A Short"


u know this movie teaches a very important lesson to everyone.... Dont Stand in the Middle of a Battlefield.. especialy on a hill !!!! it was good man. real good!!

Good Flash...

... shame about the menu. An important message there, really stuck with me. The movie, not the menu.


that was a good movie in that it had awesome graphics and portrayed a message.

(Quite frankly though if a guy stands like that on a battlefield hes asking to be shot.)

Great message

Tat was a great flash. I loved the graphics and i loved the message u sent. I realised that even 1 death can be bad to all, even thuogh we dont realize it. Great job. I loved it


Good work creator! very unique piece of work. Sad but true. hope this continues. ive read some if the other reviews ha politics yeeahh very relevant but whatever dont get discouraged! again good work!!!