Reviews for "One - A Short"

That's quite the point you're getting across

I've never really seen an animation of this type, or someone so poignantly getting that point across in such a fashion, BUT, the dumbass had it coming for standing up in the middle of a fire fight.


I thought the loading was cool with the un complete bar but ANYWAY......

to me it was a bit sad one death but it gets the feeling alot of people want to get through one death one life one person but its not just that person its that life... its that one ...gone


Love it man! I need more!

the news is a liar

there were two casulties. the "main character" and that one guy who got blown up. but i got the message. nice flash

good morale

this short really gets the message through. i thought the guy who died could have done some screaming ot something like htat to give more feel to the short though. he kinda just fell down and went to sleep