Reviews for "One - A Short"


Interesting art style, sort of like a coloring-book thing (crayon texture). I liked it. The message was well-said, too.

nice work...

really nice work. however, even tho i understood the point of the flash, i would have liked to see how the 1 death affected those close to him. like a wife and kids, family, ect. That way those who mabye didnt quite relize the whole point of the flash would understand it more. But nice work none-the-less :) keep it up

Fantastic work

For those who are not too bright. this was meant as a satire of something which isnt often touched upon. it is sad how people tend to have such a lack of compassion

Interesting, yet....

...It was a refreshing style, excellent animation and artwork, and nice clear sound, but, it's called one, and it's based on one soldier dying, but what about the guy behind the tree who exploded? We never saw him die, but the explosion occured right where he was standing, so maybe he miraculously survived by having his body thrown X amount of feet (meters) away from the blast?
It was still good, though, overall.


thats a damn fine flash. incredible animation..great sound...AND AN AMAZING MESSAGE.