Reviews for "One - A Short"


go to the store and by me some chips... oh ya and also buy urself a life!!!

UberStreet responds:

I don't understand your negativity towards me. I hope my piece did not offend you in anyway. I just don't get what your getting at.

That was alright.

But in the end the repoter says "Although many were injured there was only one casualty" Injured people count as casualties too.

UberStreet responds:

Thanks for the feedback. I though casualty meant death. I apologize for my misunderstanding. I would hope the viewers of this piece still understand what i am getting at. Thanks a lot.


Amazing the graphics were stupedous! And this is how flash should be. Amazing inovative graphics and meaningful. All my fiver are belong to this!

Great littile short

Really enjoyed your drawings and animation thecnique, you pulled it off flawlessly. Your story was good but you could have gave a littile more insight into the soldiers life, this would have made viewers more sympathetic to his death, but aside from that amazing! Please make more! Az.

I liked it.

I like it, It really makes you think after you finish watching it.