Reviews for "One - A Short"

Really sucks to be the One in this short....

This is hilarious and very well drawn and animated. The irony of the one casualty is made even more hilarious by his body being shown world wide over the news. HIs death is even more hilarious by being out in the open like that....

I liked it

Need I say anymore? Nope, other than 'Keep up the good work!'.

dark but cool

It is so true when the guy sid "one thats not bad". People who don't know the victims hardly seem to care. This is very well hand drawn and I hope to see more thankyou

This is really cool

Wow you are a good artist. Well the violence could have been better, but it did go with the style. The cool thing about this is true. These guys have lives and all that happens is they show up as statistics. Man this is why I hate war. Nice work


Does it deserve daily feature and front page???YES!!! This is amazing the paper feeling was fantastic the sound fitted it was flawless you really deserve some kind of notice for this...plus have i seen your work before the intro reminded me of something id seen wuite a long time ago...anyways GREAT WORK!!!