Reviews for "One - A Short"

Extemely good Flash!

I really liked this flash. It had a great and unique style that I want to see more of these days. It had a powerful message and it wa executed perfectly. This IS a work of art and should definitely get first page treatment.


yeah, that last guy is a fuckin psycho... great style, and the headless dog was rather entertianing lol, not like the dog was really dead, obviousely

Sick... I love the insane depth of field.

Overall. Just awesome. The depth of feild max created is incredible. I love the character's gestures, like when he cringes to the explosion. Great work!



Excellent movie, excellently drawn and animated, immense amounts of style... The message was okay, but the delivery was beautiful.

One question though. In the movie you clearly see not only the main guy get shot, but another GI get blown to peices... Yet it says only one was killed on the news report... How does that work?

UberStreet responds:

Thanks for the comment. I have already responded to a previous comment about this. Please scroll down the list of comments to see it. Thanks for your reply.


that hit me hard.and the way u did the animation was cleen