Reviews for "One - A Short"


I guess the guy who blew up didnt die then? and for future reference, the word casualty is also used for those who are wounded, not only dead. there were many casualties, but only one kia

Nice one but...

I get what you want to say with this video but to put the poor guy standing up at an elevated posision without cover is tacticaly stupid!!! 10/10

Nedachi Reviews - Clever

5 Stars For Style
5 Stars For Story
5 Stars for Script
I Loved It, Very Emotional


I feel sorry for the guy who died i mean yeh just 1 guy died but what if that was u? anyways 10/10 i liked the how u made the dummies look like soldiers


Your art style is great, but that dumbass should've layed down on the ridge there to avoid getting shot. He stood, he died. Oh well.... one's not so bad.