Reviews for "Avalanche!"


Thats one of the most addictive games ever! well done, Front page stuff thet. My top score 1002


Great game loved it a lot. Anyways I'm giving you a 5 because your always helpin me out in the flash section of the BBS! Thank you for that and nice job on the game, I really like it! Good Job!


Kirk-Cocaine responds:

Thanks man <3

Addicting! ^_^

This game was pretty cool, a simple easy to learn game that really doesn't need much instruction.

I think it would be a good idea to have some small platforms scattered about. So like the character could hop from platfrom to platform to give it more of 3D feel instead of just left/right.

Or maybe a cool death cinematic when he gets hit by the falling ice.

Anyway overall I enjoyed this, it gets ridiculously difficult right around 1000 and I'm yet to break that mark. 4/5. =)

Kirk-Cocaine responds:

Thanks for the review! <3

oh, trust me, u can die

i got a decent score of like 850, soo i dont feel too stupid, but that otehr guy said u cant die if u play with the mouse, yea, i did.... but hey other then that, it was interesting.

very simple game

This is a good simple game. Very good background music. Graphics looked okay. would have been nice if the kid was animated in terms of walking or something.. but it was a nice avoiding of obstacles type of flash game. Very well put together. I liked how you have two options for controls. nice job!