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Reviews for "Moonharbour"


How is it possible that u havent been scouted yet?
every piece u submitted is better then 90% on here

Kamikaye responds:

I was but due to the reset of the art portal and the data loss I got unscouted twice today and re-scouting doesnt seem to work at the moment.

love it

sorta reminds me of starry night by van gogh


I'm using this as a background for my computer, because I want to look at it again and again.

Nice average score of 10.0 :P

Kamikaye responds:

Hehe :D thx


i love all of you work

I personally like the character. His attitude changes the whole picture even if you don't see his face.

He gives off a feeling of melancholy as he gazes into the cold beauty in front of him. It kind of makes me wonder what just happened to him.