Reviews for "Lust For Rust"

It's alright

It's got too many enemies and not enough rust items. And the window doesn't give you enough space to jump out of the way. Like one reviewer said before, even out the enemies and more rust items.

I loved it!

And I'd like to see other games with Sala(r)d Fingers!

pretty kool right there

17850.......good score I say. yup. lol

It was a pretty entertaining game. I like how it was done and the graphics were right on dude.
I hope the D likes it too heh. Hed probably be like "This review made me moist on the inside" or something lol
Keep makin more. You should make a first person shooter! Thatd Kick ass!! DO IT!

So nice..But bigger arena maybe?

I really enjoyed this game; the sound effects were great, the only suggestion I have there is more variety. Perhaps you could throw in bonuses of some effect, to mix in some different Salad Finger items or characters.
I would've liked the play area to be a little bigger in all directions, at the same time some of the bigger objects made a little smaller. I didn't notice any particular increase in difficulty, but maybe I didn't make it far enough..Anyway, the point of mentioning that is the screen randomly gets clotted with harmful, unavoidable objects very early in the game..Perhaps you could tweak it to not get like that until later in the game?

not bad

a submission that actually has something to do with salad fingers