Reviews for "Lust For Rust"


that was a good salad fingers game

Pretty fun game.

It was surprisingly addictive, I must say. I got about 60,000 points before I died... could've gotten farther but I didn't quite master dodging everything until then, and well... it seems the more damage you take, the faster your health drops when you move around... is that intentional? It adds a nice challenge. Keep up the good work.


I loved it!

And I'd like to see other games with Sala(r)d Fingers!

pretty kool right there

17850.......good score I say. yup. lol

It was a pretty entertaining game. I like how it was done and the graphics were right on dude.
I hope the D likes it too heh. Hed probably be like "This review made me moist on the inside" or something lol
Keep makin more. You should make a first person shooter! Thatd Kick ass!! DO IT!

not bad

a submission that actually has something to do with salad fingers