Reviews for "Lust For Rust"


It was horribly straightforward and frankly quite boring at times. Not much to say but the graphics are very Salad Fingers like, but there's a severe lack of depth and variety to this game.

This seems vaguely familiar...

This game reminds me of that game "Day of Slacking"...

Half credit...

I think it deserves exactly half credit (5/10).
It is simple...it gets very boring after about a minute or two of the game. It is not an original idea so i believe everything about it deserves half credit. If it wasn't based off of David Firth's Salad Fingers then it would not have landed anywhere near the front page. Now, if the game was more complex (i.e. some adventure where you can control him in his land and encounter creatures, people...) then i would have given you more credit for it. This game concept is very basic, however, and it tends to get dull after a while (that tetris-like style). I like to see more intellect put into a game and Salad Fingers, i feel, deserves better.

It's alright

It's got too many enemies and not enough rust items. And the window doesn't give you enough space to jump out of the way. Like one reviewer said before, even out the enemies and more rust items.

What was that?

Well.. It was little sick.
Well, They were in David Firht's style, but you could add something new.
WTF was that?
Well... They were shitty :)
They were a lil bit of violence, thought.