Reviews for "Lust For Rust"

I loved it!

And I'd like to see other games with Sala(r)d Fingers!


S A L A R D fingers? reason why theres an extra 'R' in salad? too much like slackers.


All I have to say about this flash is that it is a complete rip off of a game from miniclip called slackers. (Well thats what i remember it being called.) It's one thing to copy other peoples characters but u didn't even make up your own game. Doing this is kinda a waste of time don't ya think? This must mean that u have sense of creativity and have nothing better to do.

soot & poo

... should have actually had the soundbite, and changed the chomping sound bite to be a little more random. it was very repetative, and sound could have saved it in so many areas.


......pretty pointless....and too hard for its own good.... not much fun either