Reviews for "Lust For Rust"


Any way, this was a fun game with good interaction.
Good stuff.


it's a lot better than the cartoon but that game style is over played

Pretty Good

It wasent the best thing in the world but if i were you i would add more bad and good things. But anyway good job.

It wasnt great...

Ok, it had salad fingers in it(by the way, you spelled it wrong) but other than that, it wasnt a great game.

Jump, dodge, collect games arnt fun anymore but nice try anyway, at least you got front page, with your FIRST submission.

It was rust-licious!

The sounds got kinda repetitive and it was the same kind of game as a lot of other "fall from the sky" games. I like how you added that Salad Fingers had to jump though, nice touch to keep the players busy. I found that it was a nice "ode" or "tip of the hat" to David Firth.

Good job.