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Reviews for "Mizuho dress up"

Good Work

Heck Great work compared to me man.

DanGonZ responds:


but i dont really get what you mean whit
great work compared to me man

see my others works


AWESOME! I love dress up games with no hentai. 3 for violence because I got a heart attack due to the sheer awesomeness of this game. \m/ ROCK ON!

DanGonZ responds:

wow doyou really like my D.U.
thx thx

I like it!!

i like it but u need to make it bigger, because im doin a comic & i wanna see if u can make it bigger so i can put the clothes in pairs so thx ^^)

DanGonZ responds:

im goning to be in the credits of your comixs??

Hentai is for boobs...

Oh god..why was the tentacle part so entertaining?

DanGonZ responds:

dunno , do you was thinking in anime.. hentai ..tentacles???

Very Good job!

I am usually a bigger fan of the games were you can see the chick naked but hey. Good job with the attire, the animation, and the music. Finally something in the portal worth looking at. I can see you put time an effort into this so I voted 5/5. Keep em coming!

DanGonZ responds:


some one understand my work

please dont forgive to see my others