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Reviews for "Bleach 31"

real good

that animation was crazy!!!!!!
you really got talent
i dont know why you would animate this...
but good job remastering it


good animation, regardless of what other ppl said, it is from ep 31, renji VS Ichigo, Ichigo remembered what Urahara said during training

Great vid

Gotta say, Bleach is one of the best animes out there...you did a pretty good job in remakin this only part i really seen the animation slow was right at the end when they attacked, but I know i cant do even close to this, so Great job with this

good animation but:

this is nor bleach 31 its the episode 19 but cool animation

13lazed responds:

No, It's a flashback in episode 31, Go rewatch it before you comment so confidently.
Your review of 5/10 doesnt justifty "cool animation".

good job...but...one thing......

one thing.....that wasn't episode 31, it was like 20 something or 19, something like that (im pretty sure of this)......but u did u good job other thatn that ^^

13lazed responds:

One thing... Yes it was... Don't be stupid go Rewatch episode 31.