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Reviews for "Bleach 31"

it was ok

you put your best effort forward in order to show your animation skills, though it is apparent that your new to experimenting with them, you did real well, though some parts were stiff like when kisuke and ichigo ran at each other, it was still an overall decient product


Really awesome man! I am a huge Bleach fan and your animation was really cool!

Very cool indeed

Yet another great Bleach flash that i've seen. This is great--some of the best animation i've seen on this site! Although, you dropped the ball at the very last scene when Urahara and Ichigo rushed at each other (they were still pointing their swords into the sky and they didn't run at all when they rushed). Other than that, perfect! It was just as i had seen on the anime! Good Job!!

Pretty good

It was cool, your drawing skills are really good. I like how you did the animation.

However. The sound was obtained from the series. The whole scene idea was taken from the series. In terms of originality you lose some points... I might as well go watch the real series.

With your cool skills, come up with a shinigami story of your own, make a bleach doujin(parody/alternate story by fan) instead and then submit it to newgrounds. Story would be original. And THAT would be really cool.

[My rating: 4 stars]

bleach ^^

Your skills are pretty good, but it might just be my blind obsession with bleach. Nicely done either way.