Reviews for "C is for cereal"


that kicked ass. So random. I LOVE RANDOM. The pbj banana is awsome.

I Like Cereal!^^

Oh man,how you make this potato to "Pommes"(German word) it was wounderfull.And Violence 3 because you killed my favourite MC DonaldĀ“s Bastard^^


Awesome! That was so funny! I liked you're ideas. This was based off of cartoon network's Fosters home for imaginary friends, isn't it? Like Eduardo's voice was used on Mr Potatoe-head. And the banana KINDA sounded like Cheese.

I put a 9 on the graphics because the banan looked extended. But the others were very creative x-).


man i love your work. It's original and brilliant keep up the good work.


Few things are funnier than an exploding Banana, but an exploding Banana that sings and turns Mr. Potato Head into a box of french fries is alright with me.