Reviews for "Sonic RPG eps 4 - part 2"

Yet again you amaze me...

Your games are getting better at a rapid rate. You must be leveling up or something lol... anyways still awesome. Glad that you enjoy my reviews and I'm happy to hear you like my ideas( ours since you use them), and you also put some cutscenes well done *claps*. Sadly, I miss your hand-drawn characters :( But if ppl don't like it, then forget them. But it's your game. Now that I think about how long is this game going to continue? Will you make a diffrent generation of characters in your next kick @$$ installments using a diffrent video game idea. Maybe a mix of sonic and devil may cry( On second thought, that might be too gory for your game, unless you raise the bar from everyone to mature) Oh maybe like Kingdom hearts except no disney characters only Final Fantasy people. Oh and some secret bosses that are hard as hell to beat unless you have a certain attack or summon... oh summons you should add a few of those, that be awesome seeing cloud slice and dice the boss to pieces. Anyway these are just some ideas, I can't wait till episode 6, I wanna see all the upgrades and updates you made to it!!! Hopefully it comes soon, but don't rush on it. Well can't wait, see ya next time and good luck on your game. Peace out :D

sonic voice

lol sonic sounds like a hillbilly

cool. but sometimes i dont hear shadow good


I liked everything in this series and I know why you needed to shorten this story but... Why won't knuckles play as a player instead of one freaking CPU part.You can't think of any moves?!!

No battles?

I didn't like how there weren't any battles,but it was still good