Reviews for "Sonic RPG eps 4 - part 2"

Well Done

Moron below me, NiGHTS is a guy. Read any source dedicated to NiGHTS: Into Dreams, and you will find that NiGHTS is always referred to as a "he," never a "she." Sorry to shatter whatever small, fervent misconception you had about your precious NiGHTS, and very sorry if you have discovered you have been getting a boner to a Video Game character you thought was a guy. As for Sonic's voice, yeah, it could have been better, but being pressed for time as we were, sometimes you have to settle for less. So, shut up about the voice-acting, for it will get better, and fuck off if you really hate the movie/game; the last thing we need is your pathetic apathy.

Nicely done Midnight Maren. Some work is needed, but there is improvement to your work. Take care and good luck in your next installment; I am ready to work for you anytime.


WTF!?!?!? DO you even PLAY Sonic? SONIC SOUNDED GAY AND NiGHTS!!!!! Lets give a mans voice to a girl! OK! THe dialogue was gay, to! "He get infected by a curse, Conan O' Brien! Rrrr! I Wasn't infected by the curse, Conan O' Brien!"

Just as gay as dialogue as Resident Evil 1!!!!!!!

MidNightMaren responds:

What the fuck are you talking about!!! Nights is a guy you moron... I was only confused about Reala being a guy or a girl, but everyone knows that Nights is a GUY.

Sonic's voice has to be changed. The rest is good!

Not much in this one but alright this was a good continuation of part one. The fighting scene was good but it should of been more suspensful. Mostly everything is just good, all you need to do is change Sonic's voice. Skeeldooms voice was pretty cool, much better than sonic's. This flash was cool and I enjoyed watching it. Nice Job!



It's not that bad but atleast switch knight's voice with sonic's.


Dude you cant be serious.First of all stop drawing the characters b/c you suck at it.Next check your grammer and flow.Sound wise make your voices(which suck and ill get to that later) louder than your sound affects, its hard to hear them talk.Ok now to the voices, Sonic sounds like a little bitch.He seriously sounds like some little black kid with the high pitched voice of his great-grandmother that used to work in the feilds saying yesm.