Reviews for "Sonic RPG eps 4 - part 2"

itz ok

CHANGE SONIC'S VOICE!!!!!!!!! the series is pretty good keep it up


And Sonic says Skelladoom but his REAL name is SELKADOOM? But I actually liked it! You get 9 because of Sonics voice... Guy behind me, go to the Segasuperstars homepage, click on Nights and you WILL find out HIS gender. As for you, ROCK ON!

PS: The music in #4-part1, when i fight against the monsters it rocked! What music is it? Tell me PHULLEZE...? I donĀ“t trust the credits.

MidNightMaren responds:

Sonic have the same voice, cause I made the 2 parts at the same time... The music is, the music of "Sonic Adventure 2", when you fight agains Biolizard with Shadow...
The music is called:
"Supporting me...for biolizard"
Im not sure that is this the name, but at least where I got the music, the music is called like that.

Still Bad Voice Actors

Now i'm possitive Nights is a girl. Why does she have a male's voice? Were you that desperate? Anyways, Sonic needs a new voice actor.

MidNightMaren responds:

Nights is a GUY...

hmm...good, but not great

the voicing was better this time, but i couldnt hear shadows voice at all, but aside from that, the flash was ok, hope to see episode 5 soon

yeah i agree

yes i have to agree. the voice acting of sonic sounds like some grown man got kicked in the balls and then sucked in helium. i do like the shadow and nights voice acting. they kick ass.