Reviews for "Sonic RPG eps 4 - part 2"

Sonic sounds kinda gay in this one, no offense

its good but the voice actining needs some work i mean sonic sounds gay in this one


I liked everything in this series and I know why you needed to shorten this story but... Why won't knuckles play as a player instead of one freaking CPU part.You can't think of any moves?!!


It's a good series and I enjoy it, but the sound is awfuk, first off Sonic's voice is terrible, and also the difference between the sound volumes is very large. Sonic's voice is loud but you need to turn the vloume up way high to hear Seelkadoom's or Shadow's voices. Also although you spell his name Seelkadoom, the voice's are saying Skelladoom. Which is it?

Make them longer...

If you are doing parts in a series... Tray making each part longer... Especially when you plan on making more after that part.


It's great, but please tell me when is episode 5 coming.