Reviews for "Sonic RPG eps 4 - part 2"


AAAAAAAAHHHH!!!!!!! sonic sounds so gaaaayyy AAAARRRGGGHHH great series lol

It's ok

Not the best, I like the voicing though. Sonic sounds a bit southern.

It woulda been raw if shadow could transform into superform from some unexpected side effect, like knuckles was cursed. Like that ancient beast should have blasted shadow with his final breath and shadow should have absorbed the beam to be super shadow and shadow is just waiting for the right moment to surprise everybody with his new power...oh well I'm not the script writer.

Fight scene was pretty cool though. I think you spelled seelkadoom wrong...


wtf that was waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too fucking short guys

MidNightMaren responds:

part 1 and 2 was suppose to be 1 Movie. But the file size was too big, sooo I splited the movie. This part is just the continuation of the other, nothing else...


I ignore most typos but u keep spelling selkadoom or whatever in a different way EVERY TIME IT POPS UP!!
cmon plz add some grammar even my brain is hurting from that!!
oh yes and your characters speak way too quietly!!
i raise the volume to hear then all of a sudden:

good episode

when the bad guys r talking is that tune from final fantasy advent children? seems familiar. also i thought it was funny when sonic and shadow r talkn and shadow says "fuck that" lol never gets old thats what id probly say to if he started telling me what to do. also in part one i like it whne he says "whos this fucknig lizard" or soemthing.