Reviews for "Sonic RPG eps 4 - part 2"


wtf do u mean a battle you can't win? and why? because it makes it more realistic! in almost all the RPGs i've played there's a battle that's too strong for your characters and you lose, like Tales of Symphonia!!! they fought Yggdrassyl and lost by a hell of a lot! it also builds up rage in the characters for later fights. It's like a puzzle but you're missing the last peice we all have.



amazing once again

that was awsome like always and also
grossguy1211 i dont think u played the right game cuz u put there was no interactivity and it was only play replay and scenes?
actully there was all the battling which seems interactive to me
GREAT GAME! also plllz tell me is night a boy or a girl?


I agreed with the last dude's comment... The fighting where kinda Dragonball-Z. Specially the voices where lame.. As I said in part one, dont use them- let the watcher think of 'em themself!


ugh. dude, that was terrible. Why? here, lemme show u.
Graphics: You could've done much better if you used sprites. Ok backgrounds tho.
Style: action was decent, but short.
sound: voice acting was HORRIBLE. especially sonics voice. swearing was out of place and unnecesary
violence: read my comments on style
interactivity: its not a game, so play and replay, scene select, the basics.
humor: jokes were rare. gave me a chuckle, but nothing i'd consider funny. overall: ill say it again: ugh.