Reviews for "Sonic RPG eps 4 - part 2"

I liked it when Sonic called Shadow a moron and Shadow was surprised.

Good, I like when saids "That 4 bitches"

whats the name of song at beginning

good good GREAT! but "seelkadooms" name is not "skaelladoom"

Well, the series is very well done, I've been following them for a long while already.

I do have the need to tell you about something not very well done, it's not the voice audio, at least you put subtitles.

I'm talking about the language, I just noticed, but was it necessary to include swearing? At least you put a Teen rating on the movies, but hearing Sonic swear was something I'm not too used to.

Other than that, the series is well done; it's not perfect, and kinda odd with the dialogues. But I really like it too. I was actually wondering if you were going to finish it (which you did, not long ago), I guess I lost track of the series for a few years XD