Reviews for "Sonic RPG eps 4 - part 2"

This was cool

I liked this one but there was no interaction so it was a bit boring


It kinda sucks because you can't actually do the commands. Sonic's voice could use some work. Seriously. But that doesn't change my mind. Your work is still awesome.


Too short. And worst of all was sonics anoying girly voice. I just couldn't stand it! And really, all this DBZ copying is getting really old. This really isn't anything new.


wheres the interactivity? and it was short it was good but interactitvity could of been better keep it up but dont take away the interactive part of it dude ok :)

I didnt like this one as much

It was good, they all are, or at least there getting better, but this one was kinda, blah, it was short, what I did like was that there was no fight, I like the movie part better then the fighting, an RPG style isnt fun unless you have more control on how well you can battle, I know I said in another review that if you could have items the battles would be more meaningful, and also if you could lvl up your self, but that would be basically a full fledged game, so I guess thats out, I say you cut the controled battles all together, but its kinda late for that now.