Reviews for "game engine"

Very, very good

Really, all this needs is a lot of polish. But the core idea is great. It would have been an instant favorite of mine if it had been completed.

good concept

i say make it


Dude i will smack your brains out with a sledgehammer if you don't finish this game! You have so little more to do to make a full polished game out of it, your almost there. It would be stupid restarting from scratch. You can always optimize it! Ask someone experienced (like me for example) for help with optimizing and sorting stuff out. But just get over your fear from finishing it and just do it!

Are you already working on it again now? I certainly hope so or you will get some bad ass spankin ;).

finsih it.. or else

AMAZING greatest game this kicks ass. however i will be kicking your ass if you dont finish it

no way man

its too fun ya gotta finsh it