Reviews for "game engine"

Very, very good

Really, all this needs is a lot of polish. But the core idea is great. It would have been an instant favorite of mine if it had been completed.

Could make a good game out of that engine

It was fun playing it for a while, it didn't ran slow or laggy, and i liked the head shot slow motion.

Too Bad

Too bad you're not making the game. The engine is a good start, although I find the movement a bit sluggish. Also, a word of advice. Please use asdw for movement or at least make it an option. Those of us with notebooks will thank you!

Now Finish This Game!


not my favorite but nice for a kill or two and i like the slow-mo


5 stars!
If this can help you to continue this game!!!
Don't stop its awsome, if you don't want, you should make a tutorial because you mastered(in my point of view) flash.
Can you give me a little advice:
If I have a game whit a shop in it, how should I set the var. so it won't go under 0?
??? thank you for answering my question and nice game by the way!

Togukawa responds:

just put an if check before you set it. like if you have variable var1, and you want to set it to var2, if it won't make it go to 0 =>

or if you have a shop and you want to buy something:

Thanks for the nice review :)