Reviews for "game engine"


This is an absolutely amazing game, its like realisitic telling your troops what to do, but man why didnt you think about this?! It would have been perfect if...you just didnt shoot the bugs over and over sitting there, i mean it would be cool if you get to move around them, going through different spots, not being spotted, and like tactical shooting out guys and continuing on not just a front up war, so could of made it perfect IF you did that.

Loved it.

Awsome game. You have to finish making this man. This could be the beginning of one of the greatest games to be on Newgrounds. I beg of you to finish this game.

Do NOT drop this idea!!!

This is not too ambitious of a project, I thought it was great even though it was unfinished. Keep working at it, you'll get it done right.

Good idea too many opponants

they spawn way too fast and kill your sqad too easily.

great demo

let me put it this way, it could easily be on the front page.

the slow motion bullet thing is awesome at first but after the 20th time in a row its a little annoying.

prehaps your scared its out of your league, but keep at it, its a great idea.