Reviews for "game engine"

This game has great potential...

You really should finish it. This game looks awesome! You've gotten this far why not go the extra steps...


great job!! i reallly hope you change your mind and finish this! i love these kinds of games and how your did ai for your comrads and all the commands and all!!! GREAT PLZ FINISH OR SEND ME THE FILE AT darealtruth@hotmaildotcom P.s. if i finish it i WILL CREDIT YOU!


You should not give up on this game. If you work on it more, it could be really good.


I know you said you're dropping the project, but I do hope you change your mind. This game could easily be front page material if you finished it up.

This has potential

Yeah, this one's unfinished, but it's got some serious potential if you ask me. Clean this up!
-You've got debugger information everywhere (numbers and crap)
- It took me the longest time to figure out the screen scrolls. (It's how you win the levels, scroll up and march through the bugs)
-Add a section to the tutorial that explains outdoors combat. I didn't know the commander had airstrikes until I clicked him by accident.
- Change the commander's targeter so that you can't recognise one of those miracle kill shots by the fact that the cursor changes to a text input one. Those should be skill.
- Also, don't do the zoom in cutscene of the bug dying every single time. Do it about once every 35-40 kills and you'll be golden.
- Sound would really shoot this game through the roof
- Revise the soldier command system a little. I find myself clicking them way too fast and I end up ordering them 2 feet away where they promptly cease fire and get eaten.
- And please, add an option to change the game quality. Your debug information that shows the current frame rate, you could probably leave that in. If this thing ran at 20-25 fps, it would absolutely rock.

Keep working on this. I really have a good feeling about it.