Reviews for "game engine"


I've only played through the tutorial, but from what I've played it seems like it would make a great game with a bit more refining to it.

The gameplay you've decided to use hasn't really been explored properly before in a flash game. It's like Ghost Recon, and would make a good 2D port.

Again, very nice :) Good animations too, with the reaching for clips in your backpocket, etc.

9/10 Editors Choice

Man! To bad you can't finish it. The game holds awesome controls, runs pretty nice, but the fact that you're sorta slow makes me wanna eat myself...Uh...Oh yeah! The game is based on, erm...Well it has no story line, but the survival mode is awesome! Command your troops as you're a sniper leading them, at times when you get a direct hit, plain awesome! God, thank you for letting him submit this bliss in flash...

Mouse control

I love this game. It really is a shame you're not finishing it... but anyways, for this and your future games, you can get the mouse movement to be a lot smoother by using updateAfterEvent() inside every onMouseMove.

- Kipp

makes a great strarship trooper game

you got to finish it the game engine is nice but the sniper shot zoom gets kind of annoying but slap on a story and its a good one with some sounds. dont know a story get a starship trooper one. it very well symbolizes it.


it was a fun game... would've been nice if it had sound and completed but it was still alright either way.