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Reviews for "Sonic Syythe World 8"

ep 8

Can I go sand "balling" too?

getting better

three more characters. nice

Just great

More characters? This series is no were near over is it. But thats good, keep it up.

Hey, Arnas. Real Nice Episode 6-9 xD.

Holy, here. All I have to say very good Extra Start.

May Chapter 10 Gives you more Happiness, for me watching these Episodes. Oh ya I'm Back on your forum XD.

Just to tell you, Hope you have fun in making Chapter 10 of Syythe World.

DUDE THAT PWNES,but some of syythe's sprites by me

dude's sprint needs his freedom back XD,and soarky is still so funny as always and haku really likes the sword.And arnas,a disscussion from the peanut gallery just for you

syythe:man my butt feels better now

neoxis:just because a girl touched it