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Reviews for "-B7- 7he Experiment"


Besides the beginning... its all muddied up:P But the rest is awesome!

Burn7 responds:

Yeah idk what the hell is going on there. Whatever. I think the thing sounds cool as a whole so WHATEVER.

Oh btw... always remember: MW2, my 122 kills of DEATH.

... DEATH!!!


im liking this. really cool beat. 10/10

Burn7 responds:

Thanks, glad the experiment was successful :)


I like the overall composition of this track. I liked the way you used the standard trance chop for your track, though it does give it a generic feel as you said. Your bass synth and the synth you panned left sounded like 2 standard FL Studio synths, but that's not a bad thing. The bass was distorted on my DJ studio headphones, but I won't know until I take it home and put it into my studio system for certain. Overall though, it's a nice track. Great beat, excellent use of the mid and high ranges, good undertone and bassline. Keep up the awesomesauce.

Burn7 responds:

Thanks, the bass is distorted regardless of what speakers you use, and NG is currently stopping me from editing the track so I can put a new one up there that fixes the track compression. But thanks for the review!

PS: I didn't use FL at all, I use Acid and Pro-53 :P


it turned out well. :)
I like the part starting @ 0:30

very nice.

Burn7 responds:

Gracias. PS: I hope you like Metal. Because thats what my next new song is. Epic, Awesome metal.

Kind of kick ass :P

This is a great song, kind of generic so you get a 9 not a 10 like usual ;)

No you know what... Screw it! you get a 10 because I was listening to this on my old laptop at the highest volume and blew my left speaker out 0.o (extra point for the lulz :)

Burn7 responds:

Roflol that's not 10worthy! Come on! 9 ME!