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Shout out to @travsaus for megaphone tankman!

Reviews for "-B7- 7he Experiment"


How did you get that kind of bass sound? Plus do you have an actual sound card? I can never get that dynamic feel in anything I make...but then again I am kinda new to making this genre.

Burn7 responds:

The bass? I think I layered two kicks that I sounded cool, and EQ'd them slightly. I can send you the two kicks as a .wav if you want. It's a real pain in the ass getting the kicks just right, but I really like the one I use.

And nah, I'm just using my on-board motherboard card, I don't have any money for an actual sound card >.<

You want a dynamic feel in Techno? Here's the recipe for a decent, generic techno beat:
- A Hard kick
- A Semi-Hard Snare
- A Power Snare
- An Offbeat High-hat
- A quick 16th note High-Hat tap
- A Long-Ass Cymbal Crash.

Try variations, like have the snare on every 3rd beat of each measure, or of each 1st AND 3rd along with the kick. The drumkit is the most powerful part of techno. It can change the mood of the whole song.

If you want any more tips or whatever, feel free to PM me. I've got experience with this sort of thing :)

Experiment X

This beast is foul, but fuck me, it can dance. RAVE!!!

Burn7 responds:

LOL, okay, that's the first time in a while I've actually typed "lol" and meant it.

Thanks for making my visit to this damned site worthwhile :D

this is great

perfect nice job

Burn7 responds:

Thanks, glad you liked it. You could check out my other stuff, which I consider to be even better than this because it's just an experiment.

Not trying to plug my own stuff, just a suggestion.

i enjoyed listening to this

had it to full volume bro

Burn7 responds:

Sweet, it pumps that much harder on full blast, thanks for reviewing!


Damn I love the intro synth, pretty nice melody.

Also pretty badass when it drops and fades in, the drum beat starts out of groovey in slow, love it.

Burn7 responds:

Yeah I tried to make it as smooth as possible for those... 2 measures. Glad someone enjoyed that, thanks for the review!