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Reviews for "-B7- 7he Experiment"

Epic :D

Man, for some reason i lov the distortion on the drums. :D makes it different i thinks XD

Burn7 responds:

Huh. I dislike it because it clips. But whatever floats your boat!

Kind of kick ass :P

This is a great song, kind of generic so you get a 9 not a 10 like usual ;)

No you know what... Screw it! you get a 10 because I was listening to this on my old laptop at the highest volume and blew my left speaker out 0.o (extra point for the lulz :)

Burn7 responds:

Roflol that's not 10worthy! Come on! 9 ME!


it turned out well. :)
I like the part starting @ 0:30

very nice.

Burn7 responds:

Gracias. PS: I hope you like Metal. Because thats what my next new song is. Epic, Awesome metal.


I absolutely love your execution of the drums. It gets a little hectic at times but that's okay. It fits.

Burn7 responds:

Thanks, it's really distorted though and I wish NG would let me fix it but it seems like they just REALLY want me to take some criticism or something hahah

Hmm, Pretty nice song

To me this song has too much bass for my taste, but I still like it. The claping or the really loud and abnormal beat needs to find its way to the recycling bin, but other than that I enjoyed this song. Eh, I almost forgot it's a bit repetitive... Keep up the good work, I will make sure to look over your music, and rate and comment as much as I can.


Burn7 responds:

Well thanks. As I've said before, I really don't like this song. At all. But meh, I guess it has its place. It was just an experiment that somehow got into the "top tracks" and now has all this traffic. Which is a shame because I think some other songs could have used it.