Reviews for "X-Naut vs Anime Kitty ^_^"


That was...akickass fight..yo

Very nice

I give you 10 to raise the average. Much <3 to you.

Congrats on turd of the week.

I mean this in the best possible way but you diserve it.


that was pretty cool maaaaaaaan

gr8 job

i will see you on PalTalk X-Naut 0_o

and no, x-naut does not look like that in real life... he also wears sunglasses all the time while his webcam is on :-0

good job tho, flashes that scream at you and make dial up noises like when people open up Paltalk are funny. and good job making BEAST BOI parts 1-4, the absolute worst flashes that made it past the judgement section...