Reviews for "X-Naut vs Anime Kitty ^_^"


what madness01 said, i couldn't have put better myself. (for that matter why keep it alive?)


That really killed my ears, cuz i don't think i'll be able to heat for 2 days. The only good thing was the well drawn characters, butthe sounds bombed this flash. I gave you a 10 for violence since my ears were bleeding 2 pints of blood per minute.


My ears hurt.

GAH! My speakers!

Man, that was painful. interesting use of the worlds most horrid sound, and so loud. If that was your aim, to peal the backing of a chalk board, you nailed it. Full force.. in my head. But in any event, its kinda jankeity to make a flash of .. of .. that. I suppose though if you were pissed off or hurt about something that occured on here and wanted to get back at that person, you got em. Pretty colors tho...
And you owe me 20 bucks for new Altechs.

So... many... levels... of... AWESOME!

You blew my mind. Literally! The build up to the exciting ending left me at the edge of my broken television. I was folding my Matrix movie poster out of sheer anticipation, then I literally hit the ceiling in excitement.

Definitely the best movie on this website.