Reviews for "X-Naut vs Anime Kitty ^_^"


Well drawn and all, but my ears will never forgive you.

Muffin responds:

sorry about that Dan; i WOULD have given a warning, but whats the fun in that? at least you enjoyed the pictures :p

have a nice day mr dan.


Making the audience deaf and epileptic = Low Score.

Muffin responds:

i'm sorry, what? i cant hear you.

PS: fasfd dfassdf nfdkd skakk kkfkasdjf jkvzckcxk kcvzxkk k

in all seriousness, thanks for the honest review; at least you can make flash, and have been on NG a long time. i respect you. You possess a brain, something thats hard to find on the internet now a days ^_^