Reviews for "X-Naut vs Anime Kitty ^_^"

This was crap

and why does ROFlmuffinglock always gets involved in all those turds of th weeks? Wake up muffin and start doing a work with the glock legion(or group)!

pretty fucking funy

dude i neva knew you had this in you man dude u may suck realy bad but hel thats pretty damn funny give yourself a pat on the back (or whats left of it from people hittingt you)

What are you trying to do?

I've already noticed why you are the worst Flash author on Newgrounds, and seriously this flash hurt my ears in the end. Why do you try to be the worst? Maybe if you submit something good, then people will look at your submissions differently. Notice that I didn't give you any zeros. I know you have potential, but you just have to tap it.

Nooooooooo, the sounds of dial-up connection

Heh, another flash that got Turd of the Week. I wouldn't say this flash was really crap. I just laughed at this flash with X-Naut and the Anime Kitty. Funny voice from Anime Kitty but from X-Naut, the sounds of dial-up connection. Reminds me of those awful days when I suffered with dial-up for 5 years and moved to Broadband (although I sometimes use dial-up if there's a computer problem or anything). :|

The ending part of this flash, well, I would've expected to hear those sort of noises, LOL. Nice work.


Muffin responds:




My ear fucking hurts thanks to you, thank you very much. Anyway, as for the movie. It is much better than the rest of your movies, but only because it has actual graphics and not just flashy pics. The movies doesn't really contain a lot of things, but the charecters were very well drawn and the background was also nice. About the style, with this kind of style you can fool yourself into thinking you actually made a real movie. Which means a good style. The sound was horrible and now I can hear anything! I HATE YEW! About the script, as in every other movie of yours, there is no script and you manage to make the movie amusing in spite of that. Well done. ;-)