Reviews for "X-Naut vs Anime Kitty ^_^"

nice work

ive seen all of ur submissions, and their all hilarious, i hope u keep winning turd


Awesome! More sweet X-Naut goodness! ...And with guest star BIueHippo/Roflmuffin! You guys rock! Keep up the swell work! <3

Yay hellish modem sounds!

I actually liked that. Better than your Beast Boy stuff, anyway. It was weird but the ending was cool for a short time before it threatened to give me a headache and I turned it off.

Grade "A" Meats

Good storyline; hillarious characters. Keep up the good work or IM GONNA FUCK YOU UP.

Finally I got something to review...actually

Well this flash is worth reviewing but I just wanna say that it's better than your other flashes you have done but this still sucked. The graphics were good as what I thought. Your style.....o.O.....I have no idea what is your style but....it's there...I really don't know...but I gave you a 2 in style...whatever...The sound was utterly annoying. I hated it so much...I could barely understand what the damn cat was saying? I was like what the hell? The violence was that my ears were bleeding so much because of those damn annoying sounds. The humor in this flash was remarkable. Not good remarkable but bad remarkable but it was still funny. The subliminal message that said "Hey Fuck You" or something like that, the retarded cat or something and that mage...I think that was suppose to be you. Overall bad humor but funny. Overall I give you a 3/10 and I am gonna give you a 1/5. All I could think while watching this piece of crap is that..that damn X-Naut at it again....pretty sneaky....well that's my review. I could have done a review full of bullshit but I didn't.
------review over----------