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Reviews for "Xnake"

Hey! Great!

Thanks for that! I am flash aothor too. And I am making my Snake version too. But it's not so original :)

Very Nice

I also know there are alot of Snake clones...but this, by adding new stuff and more exciting stuff I think it needs to be reckognised :)

Great Job :)

Fun but boring :(

It was fun for a little while but the music and noise got on my nerves and the combination of tetris and snake was kinda wearing on me :| but it wasnt a bad game.

GameSQUID responds:

Just a tip : you can turn off the music and sounds if you find them annoying.

Uhm... duh?

To the last guy that reviewed... You don't read do you? The author said it was a remake of snake... God you're such an idiot


this is the best snake game ever because there is no walls to kill you