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Reviews for "Xnake"

pretty good

this was a fairly good snake reincarnation, comparing to how many are actually out there. the main thing that drove me crazy, however, is that you could go through walls. i think that it just takes away from the main point of the game. also, your hard mode really wasn't that hard. there are some people out there that are really really good at snake, and it wouldn't be hard to them at all.

some things that i did like were the power ups / power downs that you put in there. that was a really neat touch and put a twist on a classic game. i also like the style of the graphics. the music was a nice touch, because it fit the genre. overall, good job.

GameSQUID responds:

It's based on Snake 2 on my Nokia cell phone, where you can also go through the walls, which I like. A matter of taste I guess.
Point taken about that hard isn't that hard, flash games seem to run a bit slower in the browser than in the dev environment. So I will update the file with a slightly higher framerate.


This is an interesting twist on the same old snake game. Perhaps in the next version you can have expiring colors to add a sence of time.

GameSQUID responds:

One of the first prototype versions had this, but it made it easier - you could just wait for the right color to come by and take it. So not a bad suggestion, but it would need a bit more thought.


It took me a minute to figure out how this was different from regular Snakes--So instructions would have been a good idea--
but once I did it was great fun! At the end I dieed because a death pill appeared directly in front of me when the round changed, that didn't seem quite fair, oh well.

GameSQUID responds:

There's a help button under the pause button... For some reason, people don't seem to notice :)


all i could play snake on is my cell, now i can play it on my comp. this is good version of snake, sure its kinda colorful for my taste but its good,


The only snake i like to play now is the snake of the Metal Gear Solid, man, STOP WITH SNAKE CLONES! IT SUX A LOT!