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Reviews for "Xnake"

Good, addicting

That was a pretty good game, I enjoyed it, although I think it'd be a bit better if you increased the piece things that dropped. It was fun though, good job

Good Game, can do alittle bit more to improve tho.

First of all, good game you have here. I enjoyed it greatly.

One thing you might want to do is to increase the amount of food that drops per turn, as opposed to 3, why not 4? or 5? I think this way it easier to find combos and its not solely upon luck of the draw...

I like the style, its simple and plays well. Same with a previous poster, maybe alittle bit more powerups may improve the game overall.

The music was annoying, though I like the fact that you can turn both sound and music off.
The only problem I really had though, was the fact that the help button isn't on the main menu... I know its in the actual game area, but knowing ahead of time is good ;)

all in all, good stuff :D

i sort of agree with the last guy...

i'm ussually really terrible at all snake games. and i just did really well. that game was wayyyy too easy and got boring quickly. it had nice features. well thought out. but too easy.

Not bad.

You gave this one some good spins of your own, but a couple of the ones you added just made the game too easy. Like being able to go through the walls. Everyone knows you have to be able to die when you hit the walls in snake. Really good try, but needs to be more difficult.

GameSQUID responds:

"Everyone knows you have to be able to die when you hit the walls in snake"
I guess you never played Snake2 on a Nokia cellphone then? You can go through walls on that version too, and that's the version I like best. But hey, as I said before, that's just a matter of taste.

Fun but boring :(

It was fun for a little while but the music and noise got on my nerves and the combination of tetris and snake was kinda wearing on me :| but it wasnt a bad game.

GameSQUID responds:

Just a tip : you can turn off the music and sounds if you find them annoying.