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Reviews for "Xnake"

Not bad at all

Quite clever, it's like a mixture of tetris and Snake, really good

finally - a way to clear length...

I liked this - but it needs tweaking in a couple of areas; some instructions at the start wouldn't go amiss. Having said that, it's pretty easy to pick up. The graphics were a little blocky, but I'm not really worried about that though. Maybe introduce some kind of levels system, so there appears to be a progression? Oh, and that music got switched off right away....sorry about that.
Hate all this negativity, because I actually thought it was a good take on a classic


this isn't too original.

if you came up with the decreasing snake size concept on your own, good job.

but this is just like the cool cell phone game on cingular called "space balls" or something like that.

and that game had way better graphics.

the graphics on this are not very good.

at all.

nice twist

very original, I really like the colours and how it is possible to decrease the snake size. It would be cool if you could make another version with a larger play area. Keep up the good work :)

Good Game

Not a big fan of snake games but this one is well made and original.